An Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) provides additional living and come in numerous different forms. Often homeowners choose to build an ADU to create more space for their own family and friends. Others may opt to rent it out to a tenant to make few extra bucks. Irrespective of the use, ADUs are providing affordable housing to many. Designing and building an ADU is a great option, especially if you plan on keeping the house for an extended period.

Let’s take a look at some of the popular reasons behind people building ADUs

building ADU

Preserving the Family Togetherness

An ADU provides a great way to protect the family unit that people love to depend on while downsizing. People often move into a smaller home when they retire or when their children need more space because of growing families.

The emerging popularity of ADU has given downsizing families a new option to consider whether it’s an ADU built in the back yard that allows grandchildren to stay connected with their grandparents or an ADU in the neighborhood where parents have life long memories and don’t want to leave.

Source of Additional Income

Population density is increasing drastically, and so does housing and living costs. It’s not hard to figure out than another popular that compels homeowners to design and build an ADU is the additional income they can generate by renting it out. The rental income helps them meet rising living expenses.

Sometimes aging couples find it hard to maintain a big home challenging; they will build and shift into an ADU and rent the main house to some. The additional rental income helps them enjoy the time saved from the maintenance of a big home without worrying much about the rising cost of living.

Air BnB and vacation rental provide earning opportunities for homeowners who want to enter into long-term tenancy contracts.

A Solution to the Housing Crisis

There is a housing crisis in Los Angeles because there aren’t enough affordable housing units to accommodate growing demand. Because of the ADU design code, ADUs can’t be bigger than 800 square feet, so it provides affordable housing that works for a large number of people who don’t need or afford a bigger space.

Separate Space to Work From

If you are running a business from home, having a separate structure to work from can improve productivity and concentration. Using the ADU as an office allows you to have a detached space where you can create a more professional setting for business meetings. Having an ADU on your property to work from removes time consumed in commuting and wasted traffic.

Instead of sinking money into vehicle fuel and office rent each month, investment in building an ADU is a better idea. A separate entrance and parking can also help to present a more professional appearance for your business.

Increase in Property Value

In America’s competitive real estate market, having an ADU is one great way to make your home stand out in the neighborhood. Also, when it’s time to sell the property, an ADU will not only make your house a lucrative option but will also add value to it because of the additional living space it provides.