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Second Story Addition

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Second Story Addition


At Build 4 You, we provide luxury second story addition. Our expert construction team have several years of experience in delivering outstanding results on similar projects. We use a unique approach helping us in project planning and communicating with clients ensuring that we deliver above expectation.

Our company handles project management. Which is making sure that every project that we take on meets the deadlines as stipulated at the beginning.

We provide second story additions that suit your lifestyle and size of household. 

Add Floor to Your House

Our team at Build 4 You practices the absolute highest standards of professionalism. Therefore, throughout a second floor project, you are assured you’ll get the best service.

That is why our team is well selected, to reflect the high-level integrity values that we believe in. Our builders thoroughly quality check materials used to ensure the material and project exceed the building and construction codes.


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    Fast And Efficient Renovation Project Execution

    Our team understand that a second story addition will require high commitment. This is because you as a homeowner may have a temporary housing and expect the second floor project to be completed on time. Therefore, we apply extraordinary commitment and invest greatly in resources to achieve this.

    With our great experience and ability to plan, execute and wrap up, we finish second floor additions on time, every time.


    Licensed, Insured & Experienced Builders

    We, at Build 4 You, has taken our time to make sure that we meet all regulatory expectations regards building and construction. This also includes the licensing requirements within the areas that we serve. That assures you that nothing will stop us when we start a project. Because we will always be on-site with insured builders. So contact Build 4 You Inc today and experience a super fast second floor addition at a high quality.

    We offer our customers performance guarantee from the date of project kickoff through completion. Schedule for a site visit and free estimate at (877)393-2003.



    Call us for second story additions today!