When building a new home, you want to choose the best insulation option. Insulation is meant to provide your new home with a protective layer guarding you against the adverse environmental conditions. The insulation for new homes offers moderation of temperatures inside providing the occupants with more comfort and helping to save your energy costs. It is important that every home builder makes sure a proper insulation type is done for his or her new home. Thus, only hire highly trained custom home builders for the best insulation

In this article, we feature the different insulation types to consider when building a new home.

Check out these different options to clearly understand what they offer and hence be in a position to choose the best home insulation.

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Cellulose insulation

Cellulose is one of the oldest home insulation materials used by custom home builders. Cellulose can be used as loose fill or it can be blown-in to provide insulation for your newly built home. Cellulose is used to provide insulation of a new home and it is usually placed in an enclosed wall or the open new walls. It is used in the unfinished attic floors. Cellulose is made of recycled paper or even recycled denim. Consider using Cellulose to provide insulation of your new home. A custom home builder will ensure that it is properly installed giving your new home proper insulation.

The spray foam insulation

Your custom home builder could also use spray form for your new home insulation. Spray foam is a chemical product that is created using two materials namely isocyanate and polyol resin. Also referred to as the spray polyurethane foam, it is an alternative to the fiberglass home insulating material. The two chemical products used for making spray foam come together at the tip of a gun forming expanding foam that we are referring to as the spray foam.

The spray foam was made at a time when the states and the local jurisdictions were increasingly moving toward a more efficient building code to govern the use of energy as well as the manufacture of the construction materials. This was to help in meeting the new standards and improving energy efficiency. The spray foam has the ability to deliver improved energy efficiency. Contact qualified custom home builder for proper insulation using the Spray foam new home insulating material.

The fiberglass

This is a traditional home insulation material consisting of extremely fine glass fibers. The insulation material can be found in most homes and it is used in different types of insulation including a loose fill as well as blankets that batts and rolls. When used to provide home insulation, the fiberglass slows the speed at which heat, cold, and sound penetrate the building structures. This is simply done through the trapping of the pockets of air hence keeping the rooms warm during winter and cool during summer. Fiberglass is relatively inexpensive and it is suited for the standard joist spacing that is free from obstructions.

When building a new home, you can consider using cellulose, fiberglass and spray foam. These are the common home insulation materials used today when building a new home. For proper insulation of your new home, contact professional contractors.