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Room Additions

A room addition also referred to as a bump out, is when you add another room to your existing house. In most circumstances, people get an extension so that they can support an additional family member. In addition, the cost varies depending on the size of the new room and what features you want to include. For instance, the cost of adding a study room differs from the cost of adding an extra bathroom.

Decide the type of Room Addition you want

  • Sunroom
  • Bathroom
  • Man Cave
  • Guest Room
  • Basement room
  • Media room
  • Master bedroom
  • California Room
  • Family Room
  • Garage Conversion
  • In-law Apartment
  • Children’s Playroom
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Always Hire a Professional Room Addition Services Provider

Not only will a professional room addition services provider at Build 4 You Inc ensure that the project is successful. But we will also be there to make sure that we achieve your desired outcome. One of the advantages of hiring professional custom home builders is that they are licensed and insured practitioners. In addition, our experts will make sure to complete your home extension project by the set timeline. Furthermore, the company employs a smart and dedicated team to ensure that all of the objectives of the project are achieved and met.

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What Design Will Best Complement the House?

It is also important that you consider a design that will complement the rest of the building well. A design that covers the floor plan all the way to the roofing options. Because a house with a good roof says a lot about the people who own it. Therefore, be sure to contact our professional team to come up with the appropriate roofing style and floor plans for your new home.

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When performing a room addition, be sure to check the cost of materials and then compare what different room addition service providers are charging. The objective is hiring the most affordable service provider and ensuring quality is not compromised. At Build 4 You Inc, we offer expert room addition services that fit your desired style and budget. Contact us today for the best prices and the latest designs on the market.

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