Adding new floor in your house can solve a multitude of problems. Firstly, consider second floor addition as an injection of a good amount of square footage on the existing living space. Therefore, your family will enjoy a more spacious accommodation. Moreover, do not forget that second floor addition means a higher value for your home. However, the most important undertaking is to make sure that you engage a qualified second floor addition contractor.

There is no doubt that adding a second story is a big undertaking both financially and in terms of time taken. In this post, we let you know what it means when it comes to adding a second story on the existing one story property.

What are the benefits of adding new floor in your house?

  1. You do not have to change your neighborhood

Consider that most families will move home when the existing one floor house is no longer enough for every member. Therefore, this means you have to change neighborhood. However, it is not the case if you choose building the second story.

  1. Enjoy Living space Personalization

The second benefit of adding second story to your Los Angeles house is that you can personalize the new living space. Ideally, buying another house, limits your options when it comes to living space customization. Therefore, with second story addition, you can customize the new living space as you wish. Talk to experienced second story addition experts who will listen to your requirements and guide you on living space customization.

  1. Adding new floor to your house is cheaper compared to buying a larger house

Buying a two-story house will cost you thrice as much compared to building a second story on the existing one story house in Los Angeles. Therefore, an affordable and more cost effective approach is to build a second floor.

  1. Second story is a significant value addition to your property

Constructing a second story on the existing single story house is a great approach of adding value to your home. Therefore, if you are intending to sell the property later, second story addition allows you to sell the property at a higher price.

What does it take to add a second floor on your house?

Firstly, consider that originally, the skeleton on the single story house was not designed to hold a second floor. Therefore, significant demolition may be required in order to improve the strength of the whole structure. This is to ensure the skeleton of the existing single floor house can hold the weight that comes with second floor.

Secondly, second floor addition requires a proper architectural plan. Therefore, it is important that you hire an experienced second floor addition contractor in Los Angeles. Build 4 U Inc assures you a professionally done second floor addition.

Another important consideration when you decide to embark on second floor addition is your accommodation while the project is underway. Ideally, the project is going to affect your budget in terms of the cost of living. This is more so because you have to find an alternative place to live while the project is underway.

Now, you have some basic information regarding second story addition in Los Angeles. Are you looking for a qualified second floor addition expert in Los Angeles? Trust Build 4U Inc. for the best services. We guarantee our customers professionalism and high-level integrity when it comes to second story addition.